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Updated: Jan 16, 2019

Aesthetician, makeup artist, and laser technician. Follow my journey of a 20 year old working in the med spa world.

Esthetician vs Aesthetician

Both an esthetician and aesthetician are licensed skin specialists. An esthetician is a skin specialist found in spas, salons, or cosmetic stores. An aesthetician is a skin specialist that works in a medical setting and performs some medical treatments under a physician's license.

How I decided to become an Aesthetician

Lucky me my mom is the office manager at a non-surgical anti-aging medical spa called Dermatique Laser and Skin in Geneva Illinois. Up until about a year ago I never really knew what went down at the med spa. While I was in high school I only came to the spa to get a facial before prom and even then I didn't really get the whole skin care thing. In March of 2018 Dermatique expanded and tripled their square footage which meant my mom needed all the help she could get. During this time I was not sure what I wanted to do with my life and becoming an aesthetician wasn't really what I had in mind. I thought that I was only working at the med spa to help until construction was over but even when it was over we were so busy I ended up staying and became an assistant to anyone who needed help. After assisting for a couple months I learned so much about skin care and REAL skin care. I didn't know that there was a huge difference from drug store skin care and medical grade skin care. This shocked me because I spend hours on YouTube watching beauty influencers who go through their skin care routines and talk about what products they use for their skin and not once have they talked about medical grade skin care. They've talked about the difference between drug store makeup and high end makeup but never the difference between drug store skin care and medical grade skin care. Which lead me to think maybe I wasn't the only one who didn't know about medical grade skin care. This lead me into wanting to become a medical aesthetician.

Drug store skin care vs Medical grade skin care?

Quality and quantity is the biggest factor when it comes to drug store skin care and medical grade skin care. Most drug store skin care products might have the right ingredients but not the right amount in order for it to be effective. This is where medical grade skin care comes in. Medical grade skin care can only be sold under a physician's license due to the chemistry behind the products.

Why choose Medical grade skin care?

Skin care alone is a multi-billion dollar industry and is the largest component in the beauty industry. Everyone wants good skin and as you age things you do and don't do will slowly come to the surface and that is why it is important to start young. If you don't wear SPF and are in the sun a lot you'll end up getting hyperpigmentation (sun spots), and if you don't get botox as a preventative of wrinkles you'll get wrinkles, and if you don't treat your acne you'll get scars. Medical grade skin care is the best for preventing aging and even sometimes correcting aged skin. When I was in high school I never really had to worry about my skin because I didn't break out. I definitely didn't take care of my skin because I thought no breakouts meant good skin. FALSE. Here I was putting makeup on before my volleyball games even tho I was going to sweat it off. I washed my face in the shower that's it. I never used a moisturizer, definitely never put SPF on and the amount of times I've gone to bed with makeup on is a sin. So why even use skin care? To maintain good skin and prevent aging. Why use medical grade skin care? It's the only skin care that will actually work because it is chemically engineered to the human skin. The active ingredients are much more stronger in medical grade skin care. In fact, because the percentage is so high there is no way these products could be sold over the counter. You can only imagine if these products were sold in a retail store patients would be burning their faces off.Medial grade skin care products have to be monitored by a medial team and can only be sold in a physicians office for these reasons. Starting a good, reliable skin care regimen at a young age is key to anti-aging. Take care of your skin it's going to represent you for a long time.

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